Veterans Memorial
"We Will Remember
Honor the Fallen"
Commissioned in March 2013 of Pamela Sue Keller,
Professor of Art, Athens State University,
resident since 1981 of Giles County, Tennessee
by request from Pat Miles and the Giles Leadership Class
of grassroots citizens initiative to remember all veterans past, present and future.

Remembering the service of PFC Paul Keller,
and many other veterans who took pride until their dying breath in their service for their country.

This man, dressed in church clothes, sitting near the cemetery, near the flags, overhearing children playing at the nearby schools and playgrounds, may have just come from church, or may be waiting on a Veteran's Day service to begin at the amphitheater. Maybe he's attended a graveside memorial at Maplewood. He rests on a park bench, takes dog tags out of his pocket, and contemplates, almost looking past them into his memories. He doesn't sit alone long because others who happen by sit with him. He is no stranger. He is a friend or kin. The empty seats on the bench are invitations to sit and to remember. He is a patient listener with gentle ways. The facial features show his countenance changing in different light that falls across his person during any given day, sun or clouds. Come sit a spell and enjoy this masterpice constructed with passion and love for those who have paid a price that we could never afford yet so many willingly pay with unforetold sacrifice.

THANKS! from Pamela Sue Keller to the Giles Leadership Class of 2013 to the folks who raised money, donated time and materials, to this amazing community and to my family. Thank you especially and always to those who gave themselves so that freedom is real. your gift to all of us by way of your service is humbly and gratefully accepted.