Skate Park
725 Murrey Drive, Pulaski, TN

Rules & Regulations

WARNING!! This facility is unsupervised. Any use of the park facilities is at your own risk.
Use may result in serious injury. Skate smart and skate alert.
Safety First!!

* The facility is open to skateboarders, in-line skaters, and BMX bikers.Other usage is not permitted. * Helmets are to be worn at all times. Knee and elbow pads are highly recommended. The following items should also be worn for safety: long sleeve shirts, full length pants, hand gloves, and wrist guards.
* Users must wear rubber soled shoes. No bare feet. Must wear shirts.
* Be certain your skateboard, bikes, and/or skates are maintained,and safe to ride. *Skate courteously. This facility is open to all ages. No foul language or rough horseplay. * No hard or pointed objects in pockets.
* No glass containers. * This is a NO-smoking facility.
* Please help keep the park clean. Use the trash containers provided.
* No pets allowed.
* No unapproved items such as benches or tables allowed in the skating area.
* Children 10 years of age & younger are required to have adult supervision at all times.